Garden life

Sometimes, you just have to take time for yourself. Block out the rest of the world and do what brings joy and peace to your soul. That’s what I did a few weekends ago. Life was hectic, I was stressed and I thought, ‘stop a minute, please’. I thought it was time to actually enjoy the space I was in, that which I have worked so hard for. Ignacio was off that Sunday, so we were both around on Sunday morning together which was just lovely. I made myself a random smoothie of ginger biscuits, oat milk and bananas. I drank this alone in the garden enjoying the sunshine. After a conversation with a friend the day before, I was inspired to make some French toast with brioche. I made a few slices and ate them with Ignacio in the garden. It was just so nice. Maybe ‘nice’ is a lame word but it just was, so very nice. We just sat there eating our food and smiling at each other.

Then he when back into the house to continue the room painting and I tackled the garden.

I’m not a gardener but it has been my dream to buy a house with a garden, which is what we were lucky enough to do. I did not really appreciate just how much time and effort gardens would require but also did not realise just how much I would enjoy gardening. When I first moved in, a close friend who lives not far from me, opened my eyes to the weeds that were growing and how to remove them. Weeds were not things that I had thought about – ever…

So I started this Sunday with taking out the weeds. It was hard work, because they seem to be EVERYWHERE, the hardest bit was between the paving stones. However somehow I had fun. I had my music on, the sun was out but not too hot, I felt good. I sorted out the flowerbeds, i.e. cut back a few dead bits of plant, planted a few seeds. I cut the grass for the second time, easier on this round and l was less sweaty with the effort.

At the end of the afternoon the garden looked neater, tidier and I felt great. I felt just great. I wish I could have bottled up that feeling up and release it at times when I’m feeling less than good. But I think perhaps I will just have to do more gardening…

The Hungry Bedouin

Last weekend we decided to head into London. It was raining so we thought we would keep warm and dry and catch up on some real live shopping that we have not done for over a year and go to Westfield, Stratford. After an afternoon of walking around Westfield, we stopped for a light snack.

The Hungry Bedouin is a Moroccan restuarant serving serving street food. I do not recall having eaten Moroccan street food before, this was a nice introduction.

We had m’smen stuffed with spinach and m’smen stuffed with tomato and onion followed by some baklava with mint tea. It was very nice and a lovely way to end the day.

People watching in Westfield, Stratford

Ginger Lounge

In July I had some annual leave booked, after my birthday weekend. I thought it would be nice to go out with one of my best friends and eat at a restaurant. It has been a while since this has been a normal activity completed without fear and nervousness. I decided that I needed to start living again so I booked a table for two at Ginger Lounge in Upminster. I’d never been there before but the online reviews were encouraging and I thought “let’s give it a try”

I was not disappointed, the food was tasty and atmosphere calm and relaxing. I ordered Lamb Lazizi for my mains and Indian ice cream for dessert.

It was so nice to eat food I had not cooked myself! It was nice to be out with a friend and just chat and just pass the time.

Happy Birthday to me…!

I feel like I might well come back here again. It felt quite cozy and welcoming. Let’s see shall we.


There is always a queue to get in!

Well it seems it is worth the wait. After watching ‘Old’ at the cinema with my friend, we headed towards Wagamama to get some food. I ordered grilled duck donburi. It was I suppose, just, OK, although I did finish the whole bowl. My problem, ‘discovered’ the small bowl of kimchee at the end!

grilled duck donburi

tender, shredded duck in a spicy teriyaki sauce. mixed with carrots, mangetout, sweet potato and red onion on a bed of sticky white rice and topped with a crispy fried egg, cucumber and spring onions. served with a side of kimchee