Lazy Saturday

Saturday is almost over and I have not achieved much. Somehow exhausted from my working week, I have treated myself to an extended lie in. While I was contemplating life from under the duvet, I decided that I needed to set myself a new cooking challenge. It’s not that I do not like baking but I think I should try my hand at different types of dishes. October has just started and we are on the cusp of party season. Now, while I do not expect to be invited to or hosting any parties, I think it would be fun to create and make canapés. I am excited by the idea of these moreish morsels, the varieties are simply endless. When I finally got out bed I decided to have fun with my breakfast. I would have normally toasted two slices of bread and spread them with whatever spreadable topping was in the fridge.This morning (well strictly speaking it was the afternoon) I decided I would present them ‘canapé style’. So, I took my bread cut out little circles and the covered the discs with soft cheese and apricot jam. Very nice, washed down with a glass of orange juice. I have a feeling I am going to have fun experimenting with the food that is in my cupboards, fruit bowls and fridge. I am thinking that this is not really dissimilar to tapas that is part of the cuisine of my husband’s Spanish homeland. One of the absolute highlights of travelling to Spain is the food, so while I am doing this experimenting I am sure I would look to the Mediterranean for inspiration. soft cheese and apriocot jam canape

What’s up doc?

Today was my first day back of work. It was busy and challenging, however totally manageable. I something found myself feeling full energy, in a way I have not felt for a very very long time. It is almost as if somebody has hit a ‘reset’ button for me and I have had a complete fresh start. I think all that rest I had while on sick leave was good for me. I did however feel a little like a wound down Duracell bunny by the time I left the building after six o’clock. Even then though, I still did not have that crushed, wrung out rag feeling that I normally have. I am guessing this feeling will not last…

By the time I got home, I did not feel like eating or making a big dinner so I thought that I would make some soup. I decided that I would just make up a recipe. So I threw five carrots, two onions, a stick of ginger and an organic vegetable stock cube into my NutriBullet. I topped it up with 500ml of cold water and blitzed the whole thing for one minute. I then poured the mixture into a pan and allowed to boil and then simmer, adding some nutmeg, turmeric, a spoonful of olive oil, salt and pepper. The whole thing turned out to be a spicy  little dish. I cannot quite describe the taste, I think the ginger and nutmeg combined with the carrots provided a taste that I have no words for or experience of. I also note that it did not have the garlic undertones that I am normally used to. I have saved a little for my packed lunch tomorrow so I am sure I will decipher the taste. The most important thing was that it was warm, filling and comforting, perfect for an early autumnal evening.




Pasta on a plate

Yesterday evening I started to feel much better. In fact almost normal. The last meal of the day was a cheesy mushroom linguine affair. Chopped spring onions, mushroom, mozzarella cheese and a sprinkling of salt and pepper. It was quite nice and the first meal I have eaten without feeling nauseous.The rest of the World, on the other hand continues to spin in the most incomprehensible way. It is difficult to write a post without acknowledging the events in Las Vegas. It feels that sometimes there are just no words and I find myself shaking my head in disbelief at the evil that pervades our world.

mushroom and spring onion linguine

How do you like your eggs in the morning…?

So I tried again this morning. It’s bright and sunny. I got up, I went to the kitchen, I thought about what I was going to take to work for my packed lunch. I stood in the kitchen for 5 minutes and I was overcome with more waves of nausea. I retreated back to my bed to be accompanied by headache and tiredness. It all does feel rather pathetic but I need to be on top form before I return to work, there is no real place for sitting like a zombie at my desk. And so here I am sitting at home, still feeling sick to the gills. I made myself some toast and scrambled eggs, thinking that a very simple dish would help. Nope. I suppose the only think I can think of is that the antibiotics are making me feel this way. Might have to think of even simpler food than toast and eggs.

scrambled eggs