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Alpha getaway

Gemma was being driven mad by the smell of freshly baked bread coming from the kitchen. It was her own bread that had baked from a bread mix from Sainsbury’s. She had refrained from nibbling at the finished product because it the new diet… Continue Reading “Alpha getaway”

the woman in the library

It must be the hair. It had gone from fine and black to fussy and well just grey. That was an exaggeration. The grey was at the roots and not as visible as before the transformation. The treatment had actually the made the old… Continue Reading “the woman in the library”

May the gods be always in your favour…

About a girl…

Brexit – the beginning of the end

She believed that all their problems began when Brexit was announced. Well at least that was the story she was telling herself. However, the problems were there way before 17 million people decided to vote them out of the European Union. She remembered feeling… Continue Reading “Brexit – the beginning of the end”