This Saturday I headed into town for a conference. We started at 0930 and by lunchtime at twelve thirty I was ravenous despite the little sneaky bites of chocolate I was nibbling on during the talk. The conference was based behind Russell Square which meant I was rather spoilt for choice when it came for place to eat. I was not partciularly interested in eating in Russell Square. I did a Masters degree at the Institute of Child Health a number of years ago so I've eaten in all the places I wanted to eat in. I was however intriguied by the little shops on Marchmont Street. I had arrived quite early for the conference and while I was waiting for the start I was taking pictures on my phone just for fun.

I noticed this place and made a mental note to come back at lunchtime.

I kept my word and by quarter to one I was seated and had chosen my lunch. Feta Burger consisting beef burger, tomato, caramelised onions with smoked tomato ,feta sauce and chips. The chips were delicious covered in rosemary and salt. I managed to wolf the whole thing down in about twenty minutes (so much for my mindful eating techniques).

I headed back to the conference full and content.

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