It is the first day of October. I cannot believe the year has gone so quickly. I sometimes wish I could hold back time and just say, “wait a little” but it moves on relentlessly. This weekend I have been recovering from a rather nasty bout of tonsillitis. It has knocked me for six, I have not felt so unwell in rather a long time (Christmas last year). My appetite for food has been pretty much diminished so it was nice to wake up today with a desire to eat something more substantial than toast and to be able to stand without feeling dizzy. Into the kitchen I padded and managed to put together this meal for my husband and I. Potatoes are my favourite food and I should try and find more creative ways to serve them, but I find not much beats a mash potato. Today I mashed with salt, pepper, nutmeg and butter. We had some seafood mix sitting in the freezer so I decided to fry it up with salt, pepper garlic, ginger, pepper and courgette. The whole thing was very tasty and rather filling.

Sunday Lunch

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