How do you like your eggs in the morning…?

So I tried again this morning. It’s bright and sunny. I got up, I went to the kitchen, I thought about what I was going to take to work for my packed lunch. I stood in the kitchen for 5 minutes and I was overcome with more waves of nausea. I retreated back to my bed to be accompanied by headache and tiredness. It all does feel rather pathetic but I need to be on top form before I return to work, there is no real place for sitting like a zombie at my desk. And so here I am sitting at home, still feeling sick to the gills. I made myself some toast and scrambled eggs, thinking that a very simple dish would help. Nope. I suppose the only think I can think of is that the antibiotics are making me feel this way. Might have to think of even simpler food than toast and eggs.

scrambled eggs

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