It has been sometime since I set myself the challenge of making this delicious Nigerian/West African dish. I have always found that since moving away from home and not yet acquiring a pressure cooker, I can never do this dish justice. It has not turned out the way I have wanted it to – until I started using an oven baked method that I found on the internetearlier this year. This weekend I felt a craving for a spicy rice dish and I therefore raided my cupboards for the ingredients and voila – a few hours later I was richly rewarded. It came out perfect, if I may say so. I followed the instructions much better this time. I will just say, that next time I might add just a little more spice, just to ramp up the taste a little, just my own personal palatal preference.

jollof rice
the final product – perfect
chicken and jollof rice
some baked chicken as an accompaniment

I have decided to cook this rice for dinner guests later this week and for a retirement bring and share lunch next week. It’s a big challenge but I hope to meet it and in turn learn to make this dish with greater efficiency and organisation. I will let you know how it goes!

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