Saturday before Christmas and I am in deepest darkest Essex. My friend has asked me to help her make some preserves and I was more than willing to help. I have never made jam before , I had up until this point had the weird notion that it was only the preserve of people with garden. Silly thought really.

Anyhow my friend had a Nigella recipe that she had been using for sometime now and it had seems to have worked. So I spent the first part of the time chopping up chilli (sans gloves) and pepper.

I discovered the ingredient that is sugar jam, essentially sugar and pectin (I feel like I have lived such a sheltered life!). I learnt how to sterile jam jars in the oven.

cider vinegar, sugar jam and chopped chilli and pepper

And so by the early evening we had multiple jars of beautiful red jam. They just looked amazing and the taste – out of this world!

Reference:Chilli Jam

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