Learning to let go and go with the flow

Today felt like the first proper day of the holiday. I was feeling like a human being and I had a companion (albeit, effectively one-armed!). We got up ‘late’ at 0900 and took a shower together (I had to help Nacho with the logistics of keeping the plaster cast dry) and ate an unhurried breakfast. We spent about an hour in the lounging area, just lounging and chatting which was quite relaxing with no agenda and timetable to follow. With the temperature at -3 in the morning we decided that we would wait until it was 0 degrees before heading out to explore the town. Back in our hotel room, I settled in a chair by the window, happy to alternate between gazing at the blue skies and snowy mountain peaks and lost myself in NK Jemisin’s ‘The Fifth Season’ (part of a series of books heavily recommended by Nacho).

The temperature eventually rose and just before two we finally left the hotel. We stopped first at the pharmacy to buy a sling to help Nacho hold his arm in a better position. We then wandered to the end of the town and found the train station. We left quite quickly because quite frankly nothing was happening of interest there. I had a desire to see the lake, so we took a short walk to get to this body of water. I have to say, having been stuck inside an airport, airplane and hotel for the past three days, I was easy to impress. Even though it was so cold it was making my teeth hurt, I was happy to stand and stare at the frozen waters and mountainous backdrop. It was lovely. This is what I came here for – peace and beauty.

The next task was to find lunch, which we did at Crazy Daisy’s which I think is the local hotspot for skiers and snowboarders. I ordered a traditional Austrian soup, ‘Kaspressknödelsuppe’ – Klare Suppe mit hausgemachten Kaspressknödeln in English this is clear soup with a homemade, typical Austrian cheese dumpling. It was swiftly followed up by an apfelstrudel. Hot, comforting and absolutely delicious. It provided just about the right amount of feel goodness as we headed back to hotel in the fading daylight.

When we got back to the hotel, we decided that this would be the right day to use the spa and sauna. So off we showered, again and hopped down to the Aquareena. Second to the moment at the lake, this was most relaxing moment of the holiday so far. I enjoyed the mini jacuzzi, I loved the sauna and fell into a contented sleep on the lounger.

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