Pinzgauer Kasnockn

Today was another day dominated by food, well at least lunch in particular. It was an exceptionally ‘lazy day’. The usual hearty breakfast and the a few hours chilling out in the lounge.

We did however have to make a quick trip to the hospital to obtain a medical note stating that Nacho was fit to fly. It has never been on my radar to think about the physiology of flying with a plaster cast. In my rapid reading I understand that airlines will require that a certain period of time to pass after a plaster cast has been applied before allowing somebody to fly.

Some airlines require you to wait 24 hours after a plaster cast has been fitted for flights less than 2 hours, and 48 hours for longer flights. 

This is because there’s a risk of swelling after a plaster cast is first fitted, which can affect your circulation.

If you’re planning to fly with a newly fitted plaster cast, you may need to have it split.

It seems it was as simple as us turning up at the hospital emergency department, showing them the discharge summary from Monday and automatically a letter was produced. It felt like magic, or maybe I’m rather jaded by our own NHS system. I remember having to write a few of these letters at it always felt like a hurried last minute pressured affair. “We are flying tomorrow! We need the letter now!”

After spending another ridiculous €11 on a taxi, we opted for a more sensible bus back (€4.20) to the centre of Zell am See. By this time is was early afternoon and we decided to have lunch at a restaurant less than 200 metres from our hotel – Feinschmeck. I wasn’t keen on another bowl of soup, tasty as they were. My eye was turned to a dumpling concoction Pinzauger Kasnocken. It sounded both interesting and comforting at the same time. Turns out it was another huge traditional Austrian dish. It was like an Austrian macaroni cheese, which I could not finish and had to have boxed up for me. I was very full as we left this place too and spent the rest of the afternoon, snoozing/ reading. I never made it the the Aquareena…

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