Experimenting with lentils

It’s Tuesday evening and I am literally in a much better place than yesterday. I have slept pretty much all day and I just feel that bit more energised. So energised in fact, that I have cooked today’s evening meal, two lentil pies. Why two? Well, I have decided to be vegetarian for March (another post for another day) so I have cooked a chicken, bacon and lentil pie for my husband, sister and her friend and a vegetable and lentil pie for me and anybody else that wants to eat it. Nothing more to say really. The meal went down well.

chopping onions with a smile, funny that the onions did not make me cry today

Lentil and vegetables and lentils with chicken and bacon

Lentils and vegetables

Feeling much happier today – I could actually smile and mean it!

I feel much happier today and I only checked my email twice today. Progress…

I still have not figured out how things will be different next week when I return to work. I’m finding it hard to break fairly entrenched work habits. When there is work to do, I’m apt to stay as long as it takes to finish it. I just will. It does not help that the workload is so heavy that I really do need to finish things as they arrive because more arrives the next day and this work just piles up. I know that I am not the only one for whom this is a major issue and I would like to think there are solutions to be found that do not involve me leaving my job in some shape or form. My friend had advised me to talk with the BMA to get advice on various things and I am seriously thinking that this is exact what I must do. Haha – just need to find the time! I might start with the website tomorrow once I have located/reset my password.

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