Tomato, spinach and chickpea curry

Yes, there are countless cans of chickpeas taking up space in my kitchen cupboards and counter. It’s not a bad thing but they do need to be used up. I have of course been making chickpea salads over the “summer” which have been utterly delicious. However I thought I might try my hand at a curry. I felt the need for something warm and comforting and in addition to this there are also an equal amount of abundant coconut milk and canned tomatoes that also need using up. Although I do have now a good selection of recipe books and I could have delved into any one of them, it was actually easier for me to just type ‘chickpea curry’ into my Google search engine. I found this BBC Good Food recipe and having read the comments, I increased the amount of spices used and I also stirred in some spinach that was sitting in the fridge waiting around to be used up.

The original version of this curry we ate with rice and was quite filling. The leftovers were eaten during one of my working from home days with some toasted Naan-bread. Delicious.

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