Two score years and then some

You know me by now. I love a birthday cake, more making them than eating them. The last birthday of the year, and the most important for me is Ignacio’s. It was a strikingly different from last year. This time last year, we were Spain bound and we spent the time and the beginning on the new year in Marbella. Lol, it could not have been more different.

Last year’s birthday ‘cake’ – made in Spain and absolutely delicious.

But we know 2020, was what it was. So Ignacio’s lockdown birthday was just the two of us and the obligatory phone calls to loved ones.

I did have a plan to make a luscious vegan chocolate cake. However that did not quite happen. Instead, I recycled/repurposed the Christmas tea loaf that I had made a few days earlier. Ignacio loves chocolate, so I melted some dark chocolate and mixed it with a little icing sugar and covered the loaf with this. I then chopped up some walnuts and sprinkled them on the top. It also turned out that in my box of delights, in the cupboard that makes the kitchen tidy there were some candles and a happy birthday ribbon. I thought my little work of art was quite nice!

Here’s hoping we can spend the next birthday with family and friends.

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