Chicken soup

Chicken soup is apparently medicine for the soul, or just medicine full stop. So I’ve heard. We are heading for two years into this rubbish pandemic (actually there are no good pandemics!) and I’ve managed to stay reasonable well. The thing that has suffered the most is my mental health and general level of fitness. Both never very good at the best of times but taking a downward spiral with the worry and stress of our current times. So I managed to stay free of anything COVID like until September when I think I caught a cold from my nephew. He was rocking a fever and runny nose when I had seen him and spent part of the time slumped across my chest while I was trying to be good paediatrician/good aunt. He got better with a few doses of paracetamol, I on the other hand started to feel unwell and off colour for some time afterwards. All my COVID tests were normal but I felt quite rank. I stayed at home and felt sorry for myself. While lying listlessly on the sofa and scrolling through my Instagram feed I came across a recipe for chicken soup by my old neighbor and I saw her recipe for chicken soup.

I didn’t have any choice but to make it, did I? It looked so simple that I did manage to lift myself off the sofa and into the kitchen and put this together.

It was incredibly delicious.

And I did feel better for making it and eating it.

It lasted a few days and got better each serving. So another ‘go to’ recipe for when it’s all getting a bit too much.

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