This weekend has been a bit dull, if I am being honest. Igancio is off for the weekend, the first since August and we have opted to stay indoors because everything seems more than a little crazy at the moment, in terms of COVID. Well, to be fair, I did pop into London to do my hair (I noticed my hairdresser wearing two masks) but that has been it. It feels like lockdown by stealth. I have stayed inside and watched reruns of Sex And The City (SATC), tided the kitchen, a bit, and baked some frangipani mince pies. Yes, mince pies, in preparation for Christmas day. A Christmas day this year that currently seems as uncertain as Christmas 2020. A lockdown has been announced in Holland where from today schools, universities, and all non-essential stores, bars and restaurants in the Netherlands will be closed until January 14. Residents only will be permitted two visitors except for Christmas and New Year’s, when four will be allowed. The Mayor of London has declared a major incident in London, and there is talk of further restrictions. I just can’t imagine how that would even work here and how and if people would comply. At the moment it feels like a timebomb is ticking, we are all waiting for the noise of blast and the flash of white light and all our dreams to come crashing down around us. It’s a bit dramatic but Christmas last year was just sad, despite us making it the best we could and being glad to be alive. This year Ignacio and I are meant to be hosting and while it will be hard work, I am so looking forward to it. The last full family Christmas was in 2019 and it was wonderful. I will never take Christmas with the whole family for granted again.

I still need to plan the menu with my sister who is really the family chef at Christmas and perhaps the only one, other than my mother who knows how to cook a turkey. However I have a vague idea of what I will be cooking/baking and it will include these mince pies. I made them last year too and they are still every bit as delicious. Ignacio, who is Spanish, never grew up eating these, and is not a fan, absolutely loves these mince pies.

Last night, instead of heading out to the cinema and restuarant as planned, we sat on the sofa, looked at the Christmas tree, drank mulled wine and snacked on these almond flavoured beauties.

Next week I am working from Monday through to Friday. I have clinic and I am on call on Thursday so I’m going to have to be sensible about my time if I want to get things done without fuss and drama. I just feel like so many things are out of our control at the moment, so the least I can do is manage my manageables!

Fingers crossed eh…

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