This evening I felt inspired to make a second salad from the book Afro Vegan. Today I chose the Mango salad.

Easy to make, basically three stages – make the peanut topping, making the dressing, make the salad and combine.

The taste is out of this world – I could only really describe it has having a disco in my mouth. Sweet, citrusy, savoury, spice and heat of the chilli and then crunchiness of the peanuts. Really nice, and the colours where just so uplifting. Like the author of the recipe says, it really is ‘bright and fresh’. Given the state of the world these days, it’s a great culinary antidote…

Ignacio and I ate it with a Spanish omelette – so a combination of the European and the British-Nigerian very much like the modus operandi of our life together!

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