Last Friday night I had dinner with my lovely Mummy 🥰

I think I have mentioned before that for me there is nothing better than home cooked food from my mother. So tasty and a reminder of all best bits of my childhood.

I tried to help with cooking but I was more of hinderance than a help. I managed to scald myself with the hot water.

Anyway Mummy made a delicious meal that both enjoyed. Ẹ̀bà with fish soup and spinach and okra.

It was great end to the day and the first week back at work. I managed to get through the Friday at work and in the office without too much drama.

Stated the day with 4 potential child protection medicals to sort through but after speaking to two social workers it transpired only only one child needed seeing. Which ended up being a challenging one on all levels. I managed to eat lunch, sadly, at my desk while prepping for the child protection medical and sadly is was a toast sandwich with cheese and ham. The bread was old and past it’s expiry date. However at that point in the afternoon I didn’t care ! Somehow I did not eat my way through the day and my usual cravings for food where somehow muted. Strange…

I did my clinic. I wrote up the notes and completed my dictation. I fear that this is one off, not to be repeated but it was a nice feeling to get a big chunk of work out of the way.

I completed the child protection medical and then drove away from, glad to have survived the day…

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