Birthday feast

I like my lists…

This is a list that I wrote when I thought I had a bunch of family and friends coming for lunch. It turned out that the logistics of getting to my place by public transport in the sweltering heat was just too much for some, so my guest list was whittled down to a few select friends. It did then make me think about the list of items I had wanted to cook and all the ingredients tightly packed in my fridge and ‘pantry’!

In the end I decided to go with:

Grilled Tomato Skewers with salsa verde

Grilled corn with urfa chilli butter

Grilled peaches 🍑 with cashew tahini and lettuce 🥬

Joojeh chicken in yoghurt and saffron

Chicken wings in spicy pomegranate molasses

Plum and lamb kofta

Nacho’s salad

It was still quite ambitious given the amount of people I was expecting, however, it somehow turn out to be the right amount. We pretty much finished most of the food!

The only thing I didn’t cook was Jellof rice – I outsourced that from a local Nigerian takeaway place that I’ve been ordering from since I moved here.

So I did plan on writing a blog piece on everything that I cooked. However I can’t right now (preparing for the arrival of the in-laws!) and also I never had time to take pictures of the final products, it was too busy. Somehow a picture of the final product is one of my requirements before writing a blog post.

I cooked, Ignacio made a salad and baked some olive bread, and we ate and we chatted – it was glorious.

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