Last week we took a lovely trip to Kew Gardens.

The height of summer and with Igancio’s parents. I think we must have walked around the whole site. We did it in two parts – morning session, a break for lunch and then the afternoon session.

For lunch Ignacio found a cute little French restaurant near Kew Gardens station. It’s was not a big place and the service was smooth and reasonable.

It was quite hot on that day and I found that my appetite was significantly reduced -ish, so my eye was only really drawn to the vegetable dishes on the menu.

I thought I was full after my starter and main course but I hadn’t reckoned on the emptiness of my dessert stomach aka ‘sensory-specific satiety’. Ignacio’s father ordered one of the desserts on the menu that we all shared

Pain perdu, blackberry compote and hazelnut icecream

I was definately full after dessert…

It felt nice to be out and doing things that I had taken for granted prepandemic. It was nice to be out with family and just relax. I will cherish these memories.

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