It’s now Friday morning almost halfway through our holiday. Time is flying so fast and for once, for once, I don’t mind. I was lucky to have had another refreshing night of sleep. Interestingly peppered with all manner of weird dreams, must be my minds way of processing all the thoughts swirling around in my head during the daytime. I can’t remember the details, I’m not the type of person that writes down their dreams in the morning. However I did have a sense of being ‘cleansed’ as though I’d gotten rid of some of my more anxious ruminations.

I was in a good mood when I trotted down for breakfast. This morning a combination of the savoury and the sweet on toast. We used up the avocado topping and started on the sobrasada.

I could not resist eating more of the homemade marmalade.

The last piece of toast was covered in ricotta and honey.

I finished off with a juicy mandarin – a perfect set up for the day ahead.

We decided that we would take another walk by the beach. It was perfect, a little breeze today, so we did not quite get the full heat of the sun. It was good.

I’m treasuring these moments of beauty.

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