Alaskan Pollack, Pea and Potato Curry

I made it back from my mother’s house to my home late Saturday evening. It felt so good to be home (I keep saying that!). I finally took out my crochet braids which felt rather liberating. I went to bed very late – early Sunday morning, which meant that I didn’t get up until after midday on Sunday. Then I thought I’d better start 2023 as I mean to go on. Normally I would get up with good intentions but it would all fall away after a luxurious brunch. I’d feel quite chilled and settle in the sofa with the aim of checking out what was on Netflix but would end up binge watching anything that caught my attention for the whole afternoon and early evening.

Not today, Sunday 8th January 2023. I showered and washed my natural afro hair. I cleaned the washing machine and put in a load of clothes still sitting in the laundry basket from our holiday. I made myself a cup of coffee and sliced up what was left of the chocolate panettone. Then I did sit on the sofa, put the TV on and thought about what I was going to make for dinner. While I was in bed earlier in the morning, scrolling through my emails I had come across a recipe for spinach, chickpea and potatoes. It looked fairly easy and I thought that I had most of the ingredients. Turns out I didn’t have either spinach or chickpeas! So I substituted with frozen peas and a pack of Alaskan pollock that I had in the freezer.

While the curry was simmering on the cooker I did indulge in some binge watching internet TV, – The Rig on Amazon but while I was dismantled the Christmas Tree and taking down the Christmas decorations. I managed to reorganise other bits of the house and sweep and tidy the living room. The space is now back to it’s preChristmas state, it felt fresh as well as cozy (again!). I felt quite proud of myself and rewarded myself with a cup of tea and some posh pictures from a hamper I received as a Christmas gift from a dear friend.

Finally the curry was made.

Well, it does not look very pretty but it was incredibly scrummy

And then there was this…

Peace can happen when there’s truth

Prince Harry, 2023

Oh yes…, I went there

After my full and comforting dinner, I was ready to settle down on the sofa for a well earned break. I foundPrince Harry’s interview fascinating. I like the idea that he is interested in the truth. I think it should be the start of a conversation about honesty in British life. It has been difficult to avoid listening to the world and his wife have an opinion on what Harry said, what they thought he said, what he didn’t say. Most of it has been quite upsetting to hear (even though I do not know and will never know this couple and their family!) and seems to prove exactly the points Prince Harry has been consistently making. I can’t see the problem of him talking about what has happened to him and his lived experiences. I can’t understand why people are apparently losing their minds about this rather that critically thinking about what it means that these things have happy to him. It also seems crazy that this is making the headlines everyday. No mind that the NHS is collapsing and people cannot afford to heat their houses and buy food…

Anyway I am one of the guilty followers of this tale and I continue to be hooked.

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