Burger, chips and a milkshake. The perfect meal for a sunny Sunday afternoon in Worthing. I guess I’m going to have to blame the heavy American influence (childhood television) in my early years, on thinking that this unhealthy combination is perfectly acceptable! However at the time, I did not dwell on it or have any doubts or second thoughts on what I was ordering and about to eat. It was delicious and comforting all at the same time.

This was the weekend I was spending with my sister and we had spent the first of the morning with the children who had their own activities to attend, going to a bookstore to chose books for the children and then a short walk along the pier.

At some point they all wanted to be carried (I found that trying to argue with a four-and-a-half year old about the difference between a cuddle and a carry, was pointless, they always win) and therefore by midday we have worked up quite an appetite. My sister called ahead and booked a table at The Woods a nearby burger restaurant. It’s a nice enough place. The waiter who was supporting us was lovely, attentive and observant and made us, well me at least, feel well cared for.

I ordered a ‘Woods Burger’ , Eddie Ferrero milk shake and Parmesan Anderson fries. I was hungry!

Eddie Ferrero
Nutella, crushed hazelnuts, dark chocolate sauce

Woods Burger
2 x 3oz beef patty, beef tomato, shredded lettuce iceberg, shredded onions and house sauce

Parmesan Anderson
Skinny fries drizzled in roasted garlic & rosemary olive oil topped with grated parmesan

However perhaps my eyes were bigger than my stomach on this occasion. After eating the burger and slurping away at 3/4 of the milkshake, I simply had no room for the fries. I could not eat any more. So I had them boxed up to take home with me. Would I go back there again? I think the answer is likely yes.

The cheesy chips did make a very nice, evening snack when I evening got home.

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