It took me three days to ‘recover’ from work last week.

I went in three days last week, each day getting up at 5am to get to work before 7.30 am. I was hoping to beat the traffic and avoid a 2 hour commute and get some admin done. I managed to acheive both but I feel, at great personal cost. I was shattered by Fridat night! I then spent the weekend – more or less – snoozing. I bingewatched on Netflix and Amazon Prime and read. In between getting to my review physiotherapy appointment. I now have a new set of exercises to do. My shoulder is worse but I’m taking it in my stride…-ish.

So on the last day of my annual leave, a Monday, I felt revived enough to try something new. I have been craving Nigerian food ever since my trip to Chuku’s with my mother. I wanted to eat jollof rice, so I made some! I made it just the way my mother taught me when I was lived at home. It was delicious.

Jollof rice with made with basmati rice

It’s hot and peppery, therefore it’s only going to be me eating this one! There are three containers remaining which will be perfect for my week ahead.

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