Lasagna soup

Sometimes my experiment go quite wrong!

I decided that I wanted to use up the lasagne sheets sitting in the kitchen cupboard. I thought it might be interesting to use it in a ‘soup’ dish. It was something that I have seen on few Instagram videos.

My recipe was totally made up – I tried to make a tomato sauce but essentially I added too much salt and there was nothing I could do to redeem it! I had added too much salt to the sautéed onion base and the water that I cooked the lasagne sheets in. This water I was innocently adding the sauce as part of the cooking.

I even added sugar and syrup to the sauce but nope – the tomato sauce remained resistantly salty.

Everything about it was nice but there was just too much salt! However we ate the dish – it was edible but was quickly followed by the coburg buns that I had made that evening!

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