Saturday is almost over and I have not achieved much. Somehow exhausted from my working week, I have treated myself to an extended lie in. While I was contemplating life from under the duvet, I decided that I needed to set myself a new cooking challenge. It’s not that I do not like baking but I think I should try my hand at different types of dishes. October has just started and we are on the cusp of party season. Now, while I do not expect to be invited to or hosting any parties, I think it would be fun to create and make canapés. I am excited by the idea of these moreish morsels, the varieties are simply endless. When I finally got out bed I decided to have fun with my breakfast. I would have normally toasted two slices of bread and spread them with whatever spreadable topping was in the fridge.This morning (well strictly speaking it was the afternoon) I decided I would present them ‘canapé style’. So, I took my bread cut out little circles and the covered the discs with soft cheese and apricot jam. Very nice, washed down with a glass of orange juice. I have a feeling I am going to have fun experimenting with the food that is in my cupboards, fruit bowls and fridge. I am thinking that this is not really dissimilar to tapas that is part of the cuisine of my husband’s Spanish homeland. One of the absolute highlights of travelling to Spain is the food, so while I am doing this experimenting I am sure I would look to the Mediterranean for inspiration. soft cheese and apriocot jam canape

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