desayuno como un rey, almuerzo como un príncipe, cena como un pobre

And here we are two days after Christmas, the festivities are over and life has returned to ‘normal’. Execept I am still on holiday ‘yay!’ but somehow still dreaming about work. Breakfast here is a leisurely affair, made more so by the fact that once again , we do not have to prepare anything. It has all been done for us, lovingly by my husbands parents. The selection of foods on offer, make my usual UK breakfast of lonesome scrambled eggs, seems like a poor European (well until 29th March 2019) cousin.


These past few days I have had toast covers in pate, or soft cheese or home made jam. It has been a rather nice start to the day.

Lunch was slow cooked lamb with sweet potato and potato mash. It was delicious the smell and the taste. Believe me if I say I was levitating when I devoured this meal. This felt like a Christmas meal.

Dinner was chicken soup that had been cooking all afternoon. The smells that were coming from the kitchen were driving me crazy and the final product did not disappoint.

My husband bought his parents some Stilton cheese with apricot as a gift and this we had for dessert.

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