I  have just spent a whirlwind 24 hours on the south coast.


We are currently enjoying another little spell of good weather. The sun comes out and everybody is out and in a good mood. Today was no exception. I spent the afternoon in the warm and very pebbly beach in Lancing. I have been craving the sun and warmth for some time now and this was just what I needed. We were fortunate enough to be close  to the Perch, a bar/restaurant that is right on the beach and therefore the perfect place for lunch. I have walked past the place multiple times, I have had a hot chocolate drink once about two years ago but I have never been inside to eat. Seems I have been missing out all this time!


Getting a table for four adults and one child, was relatively easy and so made for a fairly relaxed meal. I did not feel like eating anything too heavy and of late when eating out I have been opting for fish options. Today was no exception. I was drawn to the salad bowl menu – offering glazed salmon fillet with a range of vegetables (kale, spinach, edame beans, snap sugar peas, spiralised carrots, avocado) and toasted sesame seeds. I thought the serving was quite generous in portion and it was filling without sitting heavy in the stomach. The salmon was just right, tasty and not dry. Kale is…kale but I felt good that I was eating something with such a virtuous reputation. I also inadvertently discovered the concept of Buddha bowls. These are  meals in bowls  made up of  grains (e.g. quinoa or brown rice), raw or cooked veggies , a healthy fat (avocado, ), a protein (eggs or chickpeas) and a whole bunch of greens. They are meant to be very healthy and I am not sure why I have never heard of them before. Anyhow, I will be adding it to the list of new ideas to experiment with in the kitchen.


Oh, and they are called Buddha bowls because the over stuffed bowl is said to resemble the belly of the Buddha.

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