While I suspect some people are out on their Saturday morning Parkruns, doing the weekend shopping or battling with small and/or rebellious children, I was enjoying the luxury of snuggling beside Nacho and not caring too much about the outside world. Yes, I was enjoying a well earning Saturday morning lie in. It has been a busy week for me, culminating in being the last person to leave the building at seven o’clock on Friday evening. It appears to be an entrenched habit of mine, one which I cannot seem to beat. What was I doing that so important the left me negating my precious social life? Audit. I am trying to complete an audit that I started with good intentions last year, had to abandon and have restarted this year. I want to finish it before the end of the year. It meant that when I arrived home after eight yesterday I was exhausted. I make some pasta and sauce dish for Nacho and I and then more or less snoozed my way through Dr Strange on Netflix.

This morning after a long 12 hour sleep I had a craving for pancakes. This weekend will make it the third in a row that I have been lucky enough to indulge myself and have somebody to share with. I used the same recipe as before and made three large pancakes. All finished very quickly with lashings of maple syrup and creme fraiche,



Very satisfying.

Afterwards I switched on my work laptop and ploughed on with my audit. I have now completed the ‘data extraction’ for the 50 cases notes. It has taken me about a month to do, much of it in my own time. The next stage is maniuplating the excel spreadsheets and creating pretty but meaningful graphs and charts and some acheivable recommendations. I expect this will mean a whole heap of baking next week…

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