Sweet potato waffles

So earlier in the week, I discovered that my sister had waffle maker in her cupboard. It was a Christmas present from our brother and seems to have been stashed away for a number of years now. I don’t recall having made waffles before so this was a great opportunity to experiment. I was especially interested in making something that my sister’s toddler would eat. I hoped it might be something she could make in the future as a quick and easy snack.

I’d bought sweet potatoes earlier in the week and there were three leftover. I found an recipe online that seemed pretty simple to make with the ingredients I could find.

So it was a bit of trial and error while I worked out to make perfectly cooked waffles but I got there in the end.

My two year old niece loved them and she was even thoughtful enough to remind her mother to leave some for her father for when he came home from work.

I liked making these waffles, they were easy and not fussy at all. I am really tempted to buy my own waffle maker and make waffles for breakfast on the weekend. I can just see my plate with waffles drizzled with maple syrup, with bacon and fruit on the side. Breakfast heaven. I might also see if I can make them super savoury for a light evening meal or lunch. I am sure they can be eaten with a suitable repertoire of vegetables. Waffle adventures await!

Reference: https://www.theleangreenbean.com/sweet-potato-waffles-2/

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