This is how you spend Sunday afternoon with one of the best people in the world. Way back in September, we took a walk through Epping Forest and the treated ourselves to a late lunch.
MANGO MELBA Mango, passion fruit and strawberry puree topped with lemonade.
BLACK PEARL SCALLOPS Served with parmentier potatoes, champagne thermidor sauce, tempura samphire and fresh tomato salsa.
lettuce wedge
30 DAY AGED SIRLOIN 8OZ – medium rare. served with parsley butter, seasoned fries, a slice of our onion loaf and balsamic glazed beef tomato,
LEMON & CLOTTED CREAM POSSET TART on a buttery biscuit base, served with strawberry & prosecco sorbet, fresh berries and a rhubarb & rose curd

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