Stop, look and listen

I have been trying to make sure I eat a full, healthy, satisfying lunch away from my desk. It has been a challenge ever since I started my working life. Some months I’m good, some months I am awful. I am currently in a ‘good’ month. I am trying to lose weight (I seem to have just lazily piled on the pounds over these past few years) and I am trying to treat my body with the respect it deserves.

This has meant that I am thinking very carefully about what I eat, how and when I eat. This week has been a week of trying to eat my lunch  mindfully, being full present at my meal. No screens allowed.

So clearly for the first day of this – I found it difficult to wean myself from the phone. However by the end of the week I was making it to the breakout room sans mobile and enjoy my lunch in the afternoon winter sunlight. It was nice not to be distracted by emails, Facebook or my Instagram feed. I actually did just concentrate on enjoying my home-prepared food. I actually and conversations with people that came into the room.

I am hoping that when I return to work in 2019, this will be a more regular feature of my existence.

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