“Where’s the turkey Bunmi?”

This year was the first year I have hosted my own Christmas dinner. Strange, in the 42 years I have been on this planet and the 24 years that I have officially been an adult. Better late than never. I tried to plan as one does…

In the end it did not matter because a minor blip in my health – derailed me somewhat. However by Christmas morning,  I was back on my feet and Nacho and I cooked up a storm.

salmon en croute, baked plantain, mango, parma ham and mozarella platter
cucumber and fennel salad, chirizo, baked plantain, salmon en croute
rice and chicken, feta and olives

moi moi, rice and chicken
jellof rice and moi moi
moi moi

No turkey in sight but a feast nevertheless.

One response to ““Where’s the turkey Bunmi?””

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    […] I’m not sure I would have cooked one anyway! The last Christmas dinner I hosted I went for a salmon option. This year, I decided that I would cook the whole chicken that has been sitting in the freezer, for […]


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