Packed with energy-giving, mineral-rich fruits, seeds, nuts and oats, these little pocket rockets will keep you fuelled all day and satisfy any cravings. 
Is the spiel for this recipe.
My second baking accomplishment one the first day of 2019 was these “power bars”. They were the first thing that I made last year when I came back from holiday, so pleased I was to return to my own home and kitchen. I had much the same feeling today. Nacho cleaned the kitchen before Christmas and I have done my best to keep it clean, tidying and wiping up as a go along. It’s not that I don’t normally do this, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that normally I find this task tiresome and onerous. However I recently read a book by a Buddhist monk on cleaning and it had given me a different attitude to it all. So I am learning to take pleasure in it and generate a raft of positive thoughts and feelings. 
I listened to a Radio 2 interview with Bridget Bardot while making these creations. It was interesting to hear about how her life turned out. I never knew much about her before now.

I put this in the fridge overnight and it was the first task that I executed in the morning – cutting the tablet into 24 squares. Not quite bar like I know. However certainly very manageable. They will make perfect snacks.

I think I am going to try and cook a few more of these Mich Turner recipes. It’s interesting to explore different tastes and textures.

And that my friends, is it.

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