Yes, I went there…

We took a train from Zurich to Geneva Airport (2 hours and 51 minutes) to go and look at a room full of cars. My husband is passionate about cars, in a way that I had not fully understood or grasped before we were married. When he knew we were travelling tho Zurich in this week, he earmarked the Motor Show as something he wanted to visit. He did invite me to come along, which was nice of him, because it is not my interest at all, but I’m always open to try new things and I am eternally grateful to my sister for making it happen.

It was interesting, I spent my time thinking about the organisation and planing that it must have taken to place all the cars. I also seemed to to be drawn to the ‘old’ cars, except perhaps when I got the opportunity to sit in a McClaren. I really could not understand the excitement of all the people around me, including my husband but I just went with the flow…

Yup, I can tick that of my bucket list “attendance at international motorshow”

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