On our last evening in Switzerland, my husband treated my sister and I to a lovely meal in a local Spanish restaurant . Not much to say about it, the food was delicious.

I have decided to be meat-free this month, but I am somehow still eating fish. Just as well because literally the menu was either meat or fish, unless I wanted to eat only side dishes of vegetable. The recommended fish on the menu was Lenguado a la plancha, sole fish. This was mouthwateringly tasty. So so good. I decided to use this moment to practice my mindful eating. I floated away to a little culinary heaven. Dessert was equally delicious, we all chose the flan casero. It reminded my sister and I a little of the egg custard our mother used to make when we were little.

And so endth our time in Switzerland…

I cannot describe how nice it felt to be tucked away in that cozy little restaurant. All I can say, is that if I could pocket it and sell it, I would be a billionaire. I was just at peace with myself and the world. It was a great feeling.

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