It’s Good Friday and I’ve made my way to Alexander Palace. I’m sitting in the place where my graduation ceremony was held in the year 2000. I can’t believe that I’m here kind of enjoying some of this while I try not think about work and the chaos that is parts of the NHS at the moment. Instead I’ll try hard though to reconnect with the feeling of hope, relief and wonder that was me qualifying as a doctor almost 2 decades ago.

This is a pretty special for me, with over 196 acres of parkland, 150 years of history and unparalleled views of the capital there is no park quite like Alexandra Park beginning life as a dairy farm, the park was opened in 1863 and designed by renowned landscape architect Alexander McKenzie.

Fast forward to the present day in the park now welcome is 2 to 3 million visitors a year wide variety of activities parking festivals to farmers market riding a peaceful green space the wildlife conservation and the people to relax.

It is one of my favourite places to go in London, when I have time which isn’t that often these days.

There are so many nice memories of this place but today I’m enjoying being here on the 19th of April 2019 the sun on my skin the wind blowing buy just the feeling of peace and freedom which is a luxury these days.

We used to come here as children with our parents in the summertime. It was always just so exciting. We’re going to Ally Pally! We would run climb and walk and simply enjoy being alive.

Whenever I return to Alexander Palace I am always remember reminded of two particular days. The first was around the time of my 32nd birthday 2008 we all went as a family and a summer evening in July booked around the place for some reason it was just a lovely day. Some of the pictures have been featured in some family momentos some cups I bought for my parents for Christmas and sadly my father’s tribute book
at his funeral.

Another striking memory was one the last trips we took with a father in the last few months of his illness. We took him out there it was a bittersweet walk. He needed my sister and I to hold him while we walked at his pace. I think we all knew this was the last time we will be walking this place with us as a family. It was in such sharp contrast to the joyous family walk from just six years previously. Life is so short and precious.

Every time I return here, as I said earlier, sometimes I just have to be in the moment and appreciate it for what it is what it is

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