Easter Monday, I drove to the south coast to see my sister and her little family. It’s always busy but fun in its own way. I got back home just after eight in the evening and I had just enough energy to cook something experimental in the kitchen. Yesterday I boiled up the last batch of green lentils ready to use in a stew. Today while at my sister’s place I popped out to the local Asda and I bought a sweet potato, pack of tomatoes and a leak. When I got home I boiled the sweet potato, fried the leak with peppers and tomato and chopped up some mushroom, garlic and tofu fried that altogether seasoned with salt and pepper. When it was all cooked I mixed it together with with the lentils, added some water and let it stew.

And so the bank holidays are over! I cannot quite believe it. It has been a rather fabulous four days. I cannot complain at all. It has truly helped to live in the moment. It has helped to not worry about the future or fret too much about what has happened in the past. However now I do have to think about work tomorrow. I have a three patient clinic booked tomorrow starting at 09:00, a team business meeting at 1:30 and then a meeting with my clinical lead about my job plan/are you still coping with the stress. Let’s hope I get through it with my sanity intact!

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