Another dimension

We took a walk through Broxbourne woods yesterday afternoon.

Broxbourne Woods are a  National Nature Reserve west of Broxbourne in Hertfordshire. The site is Hertfordshire’s only National Nature Reserve, and is also a Special Area of Conservation. It covers Hoddesdonpark Wood, Wormley Wood, Broxbourne Wood and Bencroft Wood. Bencroft and Broxbourne are owned by Hertfordshire County Council, and Hoddesdonpark and Wormley Woods by the Woodland Trust. They are all in Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

It is a privilege to have the time and opportunity to be out in nature. I think there are many things that we take for granted – well I speak for myself. It was such a peaceful time. We walked and talked. We walked and stayed silent. We sat in the sunshine and we sat in the shade. We got covered in creepy crawlies! It was just lovely. I would love to to this more often!

I was intrigued by these wooden piles/stacks that we frequently came across. I am not sure why they are there and their purpose. I am assuming that they are deliberately placed and are perhaps a home for the wildlife inhabiting the forest.

I did wonder however if they were portals to another dimension. Yes, crazy I know. However it did remind me of things that I have seen on countless cartoons and movies (the only thing I can remember right now is Stranger Things!) and likely read about in books. A childhood classic and favourite of mine are the Narnia series. How they reach Narnia ? Through a wardrobe!

So, I never made it to another world but I had fun thinking about it! I hope when I took this picture I was not trespassing on somebodies ‘home’.

I did wonder if I might also disappear but clearly I am still here on plant Earth, England. I am still floating around in the real world there is no other parallel universe that I can escape to. My annual leave is coming to an end soon and I am having to mentally prepare myself for the rigours of work. It will be a shock to the system because although I have checked my email and responded to a few (yes – I’m still working on my boundaries) I have not opened my work laptop for over a week. I have not logged onto SystmOne in that time and I am quick frankly quite frightened about all the tasks that I will face. I have clinic on my first morning back so at some point I will take a look. But at this point in time, it feels OK. I have had a proper mental and physical break. I feel recharged. In the few days that I have left I need think about how I am going to maintain balance when I return to work. I still need to produce high quality work but I need to avoid burnout at all cost. I need to know what my limits are and set them firmly. I work for a system that is under-resourced and under-funded. I do not need to become a casualty. I also need to think about other aspects of my life that somehow do not get a look in because I am consumed by work. Seems the only portal that I need enter is that in my own mind. Maybe the other dimension that I need to exist in, is one in which there is balance and synergy in my life.

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