Eat the rainbow…

I’ve been listening to a some health and lifestyle podcasts lately on my way to work. One of the episodes talked about eating foods with a variety of colours to ensure that we consume a variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals. I guess it is something that I have been doing intuitively but now I know that it is a thing and it has a name.

This is a wonderful podcast series. In this episode Dr Rupy Aujla talks with Dr Anita Mitra about the benefits of eating food in a range of colours.

This is a meal that Nacho and I made a few weeks ago. Just a simple salad and more the vada. Finished off with a treat of limoncello. At the time I took pictures because it was just so colourful and pretty.

I think that the love of colour is instinctive. I remember being so impressed by my shopping one Sunday afternoon that I had to take a picture before I put the shopping away.

Another Friday evening I found the colours of the fruits and vegetables I was cooking so uplifting.

Nature is truly spectacular.

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