This was my view while I waited for my grilled sardines with lemon and garlic in a Brighton restaurant. It was pouring with rain and it felt like I was developing a cold as my throat was itchy and I was feeling mildly achy and tired.

When my food arrived, I was given a little fish knife and I thought ‘what do I do with this?’ . I learnt very quickly and ate very slowly. Tasting the food with was delicious and watching and listening to people all around me was fascinating.


I let my food settle for a while and I pondered upon eating dessert. I decided to go for the banana fritter because it just sounded decandent. It was exactly so and I enjoyed every mouthful.

I have decided that I’m quite enjoying, eating alone. I like taking my time and having no other agenda but to enjoy the food and watch the world go by. It might not last forever so best enjoy it while I can.

And so that bad weather continued. So much so that hair turned to frizz undoing all the work that the hairdresser had put into styling it. However I decided that I was not worth fussing and worrying over. I felt it much better to focus of enjoying the view as windy and as blustery as it was.

2 responses to “Escaping”

  1. londonlifewithliz avatar

    I’m not usually a fan of bananas – but that Fritter is something else! It more than compensates for the rain, I’d say.


    1. Three pound cantaloupe avatar

      It certainly did. I cannot remember the last time I ate a banana fritter, it’s not something I would normally go for. However it as perfect for that day and absolutely delicious.

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