Time is your most precious resource

It’s 4am and I cannot get back to sleep…

I’ve been awake since precisely 3am. It is rather annoying. My alarm clock is going to ring in an hour and a half and I’ll probably sleep through it and wake up in tizz at six thirty.

Before I try and get back to sleep, I thought I’d share my brief bit of learning from my Monday morning commute. I read an article on Time Management which I found quite helpful.

Time is your most precious resource 

Self-care is not a luxury, it’s a responsibility 

  1. Batch related tasks
  2. Mute your phone when tackling tasks
  3. Clockify app – to track time spent on activities
  4. Get it out of your head – capture the things you need to do both personal and professional in a system you trust
  5. Prioritise prioritising – dedicate time to prioritising for the day/week/month ahead before you accumulate more actions. Good time managers take a few minutes at the start of the day to prioritise tasks and consider how much time is needed to perform them. It can help to make a list setting priorities according to urgency.
  6. Automate or delegate – what tasks can you create an autopilot for? Delegation needs to be appropriate otherwise it is dumping on people.
  7. Identify manageable actions – identify the smallest possible next action that you feel that you can do. Break the task down into smaller parts which are more achievable.
  8. If an email contains an action then put the action in your system that you use to record tasks. Your email is not your to do list.
  9. Setting boundaries in a polite but firm way can help safeguard your time, allowing focus on the urgent tasks that only you can do. 

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