Under the Blue Lights

yup, I certainly do live in the past…

The girl in the bubble

“Roman candles that burn in the night,
Yeah, you are a shining light…”

Ash – Shining Light is playing on the radio at the tube station coffee shop while I wait for my hot chocolate drink and ham and cheese croissant.

One minute I am looking at the information board telling me that there are 4 trains going to West Ruislip but none to Ealing Broadway and then I am transported back in time…

The year is 2002 – I am 26 years old and I am working at North Middlesex Hospital in my first senior house officer (SHO) post on the special care baby unit. Incidentally, I was born in North Middlesex Hospital- so in some way it felt like I was giving back to society.

Although it is not a tertiary centre it was still very busy. Here I learnt about the basics of ventilation and early management…

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