Together we are stronger

The first day of the first week of the new Conservative government and the penultimate week of the year. By God it’s been a long year…

A year dominated by toxic and seemingly never ending Brexit discussions and a feeling that we were just holding our breath as a nation. But now it seems as though it’s all over and the deal is done. Of course it’s not, it’s just the start of the beginning of the end. What a way to end the first decade of the new millennium.

And what of me?

What of me?

I posted an Instagram post yesterday documenting my Hairstory.

Of no significant and interest to rest of the World but to me a lesson of what I could achieve with some attention and self-care. I need to spend the next year focusing on the inside or I will just implode. I’ve been letting myself get overwhelmed by work and life in ways that are unproductive and unhealthy. However I am working hard to restore the balance.

I’m weary and tired and I don’t want to start a new decade in that state. So my ‘New Years Resolutions’ start now. The first and only one is to be kind to myself. I don’t think it’s selfish, I think it’s the only way to honour the gift of life that I have been given and receive everyday. I should stop taking it for granted. I am also hoping with a bit more energy I can do more than just work, get home and collapse into an exhausted heap. I feel like I need to contribute something more to the world. Not sure what it is yet but I know that I’ve got to build up my inner strength and reserve. I want to be able to be kind to others. This whole year has felt like a year of watching the world and the country tear itself apart while I watch, say and do nothing. Of course, there is not much to be done as an individual but daily meaningful acts of kindness make a big difference. I feel like I have been floating along and letting it all pass me by. I never used to do. I used to do more. Granted, I was younger and had less responsibilities but still. Still I was able to get out and help, I was part of a community. It’s about time I changed my own narrative.

Yes we can

Together we are stronger

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