Be careful what you wish for…

Life is funny, today is the 18th July 2020. I am decluttering my OneDrive and I am finding old diary entries and works of fiction that I have written over the years. I found this ‘diary’ entry from last summer.

At the moment I feel trapped by work. Long hours and long commute. Even today was a reasonable day. I woke up at six, I was out of the door before seven. I bought petrol, taking a detour to buy it for 5p per litre cheaper. I got to work at quarter past eight. I had a full clinic and an extra that turned up but finished and atelunch, chatted with a colleague. I managed to dictate the reports for three children and was out of the door just before 5pm. It took 90 minutes to get home and I dented the bumper taking a corner and spoilt the sensors. I am pretty disappointed with myself. So I was home at before seven pm but exhausted and upset. This was a good day. I am not sure how I can get it any shorter and better than that.  I have considered leaving work at four-thirty to allow me to miss the traffic. Maybe I would get home earlier before six and be less tired. The caveat might be getting to work earlier but I am so early that I could have been leaving earlier anyway. I might try it later this week if I can. I might also see if I can get in a few minutes walk in the evenings. Otherwise I am headed for an early grave! And that I do not want! 

It funny how twelve months later, for a number of reasons, life could not be more different. I am not even sure there are many words for the feelings I have when reading this paragraph and thinking about the past 4 -5 months.

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