Experimenting with noodles

Today has been quite busy. I continued with the decluttering. This time I made it to the recycling unit. In fact I managed four trips. I somehow decided that I also needed to start decluttering the garage. This is at least a week’s job in itself. However I managed to get rid of a few ‘big-ticket items’. The place is nowhere near clear but at least it is a start. I didn’t really have much time to cook today, so at lunch I ate the leftovers of yesterday’s pappardella. For dinner I decided that I really ought to use up the broccoli from last week’s noodle meal and I hope to finish the pack of noodles. I think that I don’t really like the taste of egg noodles at least not as much as other noodles (rice and udon). I found Inspiration from a recipe on the Internet. I didn’t have all the ingredients but I just make do with what I had in the fridge. So I made a sauce with soy sauce, sesame oil, sweet chilli sauce, water and soft dark brown sugar. I fried up some broccoli, garlic, onion, peppers spinach and carrots. I mixed it all together and it turned out quite nice.

2 responses to “Experimenting with noodles”

  1. www.autumnbaygal.blog avatar

    This looks delicious! It is really easy to dress up noodles as you have done! 🙂


    1. The Happy Eater avatar

      Yes, hoping to recreate this on a frequent basis.

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