Angurinas – mock angulas (tiny eels) made from pollack and Hake and flavoured with garlic.

I remember first eating these in Spain with my in-laws. I thought they were absolutely delicious. So much so, that I bought a couple of tins from the local supermarket to take back with us to London. In my recent kitchen decluttering I found these in the back of the cupboard. I ignored the expiry date (!) and decided to I cook them in their oil and a few clothes of garlic thinly sliced. They were as delicious as I remembered them and I really struggled, but I did manage, to share them equally at the table with Ignacio. A nice Bank Holiday Monday side dish.

I’d really like to eat more of them but given that, currently, there is little chance of us travelling to Spain in the next few months, I wonder if I might have to explore if they are available in the UK. I might have a look in my local international food market, so far the theme appears to be Asian and Middle Eastern foods however maybe I just haven’t paid attention to the ‘Western European’/Meditarrean section. Something interesting for me to do when I have a little bit of free time.

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