Wakanda Forever

I cannot thinking about this sad news. It is such a tragedy. It is so painful. My friend shared this on her Facebook page. I was tearing up watching this at the end when he comes out and says “Wakanda Forever”, well I was a gonna. I saw this clip, the first time round and it was pretty special then. All the more poignant now

He did all of this, knowing what we now know. He did all this with a beautiful smile and big heart. Lesson to us all. 

I saw Black Panther – twice, I LOVED it.

I was really touched and moved by the words of his fans (and his too).

“Thank you for really being a hero that we really need in a time like this”

“…Stepping into the role as our King and holding it with such grace, poise and joy”

“A great American superhero movie with people that look like me”

“My son’s childhood has been defined by Barack Obama and now Black Panther”

“Our stories need to be told. Art can really change the world”

“Everything that represents me was honoured in this  movie”

“Thank you for showing us that there are avenues for us”

“Representation is very important, it gives the kids hope”

“You got me to see an action movie

“Words can’t even describe what this movie has meant to me and to other Black people. And I know this is for you Chadwick  but I want to take a second to thank the Black women too. Because they were so strong on their own terms and answered to no-one but themselves.  I think it’s so important because they weren’t strong because they were angry, they weren’t strong because they were hurt, they were strong because they were strong. And that meant the world to me. Thank you. Wakanda Forever.”

Rest in Peace

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