Yup, it’s the day of the one year anniversary we did not wish to celebrate.

So I distracted myself by baking sweet treats to take to work.

This is a recipe that a lovely lovely friend of mine hand wrote and gave to me years ago. Just the other day I was sorting out my bookshelves and I found it folded away tucked between two books. I decided that now was as good a time as any to make this. The only problem was that I did not convert the original weights from imperial to metric so I was short on chocolate. This meant that I ended up halving all the recipe ingredients. The other adaption that I made, was converting the topping to dark chocolate and crushed aero mint balls. I found that I couldn’t melt the white chocolate that the recipe specified (neither microwave nor double boiler helped – I ended up with a scorched lumpy mess) so I made quick adaptation.

It’s a really simple recipe to make, crush, melt and mix. While the mixture was ‘setting’ in the fridge, Ignacio and I took a short walk in the park behind our flat. It was nice to be in the sunshine, even though it was cold. Nice to feel the breeze and at least feel alive.

The final product came out nice. It is very thin because it is half of what is should be but it is sweet, chocolatey and minty and very comforting on a day like this.

These will keep for a few days in the fridge and will make for a nice little snack between MS Teams meetings when I go back to work.

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