I woke up this morning with a craving…

Seems I start most days this way. Today I wanted to make and eat some torta de aceite. They are a spanish sweet biscuit made of flour, water, yeast and olive oil. They are thin, flaky and crispy and sprinkled with sugar. They are thought to originate from Andalucia (Sevilla). They seem have a number of interesting non-Spanish names – oil cakes, spanish olive oil crackers, vegan spanish pancakes

I have made these before, quite a few years ago. They were very nice.

These ones I made today, were different. Not quite as crispy or flaky but nice enough, I think the key is rolling them out really thin. I also did not have any 00 flour so I ended up using malthouse bread flour that has been sitting around in the cupboard for some time. That did make these a little browner and provide a slightly different taste and of course is quite the wrong texture for this recipe! But you know me, ever the experimenter…

I made 12 of these in total. They’ll go nicely with a cup of tea.

References: https://leitesculinaria.com/94627/recipes-spanish-olive-oil-tortas-de-aceite.html

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