Saturday afternoon found me in Central London sorting out my hair. It’s my fortnightly bit of self care that I try to be consistent about. So now my grey roots have been banished and my hair is shiny and glossy, it really is…

I stopped at Caffe Nero to eat cake (Cappuccino cake), drink a cup of tea (Earl Grey) and continue reading my Harry Potter book. It was nice to lose myself in the imaginary world of Hogwarts. I think I currently need the distraction. I have had a few interactions with people over the past few days which tell me that I still need time to get back to a self that could be considered ‘normal’. I have perhaps been overthinking things and situations presented to me. It has not really led me to think my best thoughts and be my best self.

I think I need to practice being calm and level headed and think that can only come from an internal place of peace and tranquility. I’m going to have to work on that. I need to practice balance.

Let’s see how I get through this week.

One response to “Looking for balance”

  1. Priti avatar

    Well shared l think we all need to practice balance 😊😊


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